Frequently Asked Questions


Below are a list of frequently asked questions that we receive from potential clients. Please feel free to give us a call or email us if you have additional questions.

1) What services do you offer?


We offer Community Respite. Community respite is when a person receives support from other caregivers when their regular caregiver is not available or needs a break. Community Respite must be provided outside of a person's home at recreation centers, camps, or places with organized community programs or activities. (Ohio DODD definition) 

2) What are the age requirements?


We serve children/teens ages 4-16 years old.

3) What is included within your service?


We offer recreational activities such as arts and crafts, gaming, large gross motor movement, games, planting and other fun or life skills training.

4) How often are the services offered?


We offer one hour time slots 7 days a week. You can purchase multiple time slots for one day and you can purchase time slots for future days. Each time slot is $25

5) Do you accept payments from other funding sources? (i.e. NEON or WAIVERS)


  • We do accept waiver funding from the I/O waiver, Level One waiver and the SELF waiver.  
  • A full day of community respite is 3-7 hours.
  •  A Partial day is 3 hours or less.* if you are interested in paying through these funding sources, please click the link located on the "Group Play tab" before signing up for any group play time slot.


6) Why do I need to provide my child's ISP or IEP?


We ask for a copy of your child’s or teen’s ISP or IEP so that we are able to do activities that may be aligned with other services you may have. 

7) What are the qualifications for the scholarship?


We offer scholarships based on the amount of donations we have. Scholarship funding is not always available. You may be asked to prove that you need the scholarship. 

8) Do I need to bring anything when my child attends the playgroup?


If your child/teen is staying for more than a 1- hour session, you need to bring them a snack and beverage.  If you do not bring a beverage or snack there is a $5 snack pack available for purchase.

9) If my child/teen attends the center for multiple hours or days, what is required?


Lunch is not provided. If your child/teen is here attending the center for multiple full days you are REQUIRED to provide lunch and snacks.