Welcome to Puzzle Peace Rec & Respite

It’s hard finding quality and trustworthy care to meet the diverse needs of your child or teen that has a developmental disability. Look no further! Here at Puzzle Peace Rec & Respite we are here to provide activities, learning and sensory experiences to keep them safe while you carry out tasks or simply just get a break! 


Services are offered in:

  • One hour time slots
  • Daily or weekly options available  
  • During school breaks 

Puzzle Peace Rec & Respite offers:

  • IEP/ ISP goal implementation
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Social Interactions
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Planting 
  • Sensory Play and Tasks
  • A Tech Center
  • Mini “How To” Lessons
  • Exercise 
  • Music Play 
  • And More!

Children with diverse needs enjoy a variety of fun activities that help promote independence, confidence, and friendship.


Learn while you play!

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