Group Play & Events

Puzzle Peace Rec & Respite offers quality services to children and teens with developmental disabilities so that parents and caregivers can get a well-deserved break. Services can be scheduled as-needed or on a weekly basis. Each session is one hour.


  • There is a $25 fee for each session. The session can be paid online when you register. 


-NEON funding is optional through your local county board.

-Please speak to your Support Administrator about using local dollars as well.

-We also provide community respite under the IO waiver, Level I waiver and the SELF waiver.


*Please note that we do not offer refunds for cancellations and we are not able to reschedule missed appointments.

* If you want to schedule a same day appointment, you must give us at least a 2 hour notice.


Sign Up Today

If you are new to Puzzle Peace Rec & Respite, please email us to schedule your child.


If your family's financial situation prevents you from being able to pay the $25 fee, please click on the link below to fill out the scholarship form.